Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not Fast Enough!

OK. I've been walking for at lest 5 days now and I'm not seein' the results. I'm mean, com'on, how long is it supposed to take to loose 1 and 1/2 persons? Ugh! You know what's really frustratin' is when your Spanx don't even make ya feel good. If I haven't lost 30 pounds by next week, I may just have to walk an extra lap or three every day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Loretta vs. The Yeast Roll

My husband and I went out for dinner the other night at a well known chain restaurant. I have been struggling to get back on my good eating plan, and had ordered a meal I felt good about. Unfortunately, I did not remember that this particular restaurant served yeast rolls. When the server brought them to the table I had just taken a bite of salad and was unable to ask her to remove those dastardly rolls from my sight. They looked magnificent. All glistenin' with butter and steam rising up from the basket. They stared at me through the entire meal. Somehow I was able to resist the temptation that evening.

Loretta 1
Yeast Rolls 0

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Here's a sweet and sappy song I sang to my son when he was a newborn. (To the tune of "What Child is This").

Goodnight my son, sleep tight my son,
the moon is out, the stars have come,
Goodnight, goodnight, my little one,
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

Goodnight my love, don't cry my love,
The sun has gone, the day is done,
Goodnight, sleeptight my precious one,
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


The skinny girl trapped inside me never gets to do anything - or so she whines. The big girl that I am holds her down as best she can, but skinny girl's complaints are endless. Here are a few:

Things she never gets to eat:
Most vegetables
Turkey burgers
Protein bars
Bran cereal
Anything baked

Things she never gets to do:
Wear a 2 piece bathing suit
The jelly roll
See her feet
Sit ups

For now, big girl lets her up off the couch for daily walks and an occasional piece of fruit. Maybe it won't be too much longer before skinny girl escapes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Win!

If there was an award for the most consistently inconsistent person ... I would win hands down. Why is it such a struggle to exercise?! I'm back on the wagon (treadmill) today, after having been thrown off and trampled. Yes, I have grass and dirt in my teeth, but I've never seen anyone on a treadmill smiling, so I guess I'm ok.

The Path Principle

In my heart I guess I've always believed even if I didn't reach a certain goal, it was ok because my intentions were good. I'm beginning to realize intentions without actions aren't enough. My goal now is to examine areas in my life and determine if I am traveling in a direction that will allow me to reach my destination. I know the journey is important, but how sad it would be if year upon year I had spent time on a path that led me away from my desired destination. The Israelites spent 40 years in the desert traveling around in circles. My prayer is that I will identify the areas in my life in which I am traveling in the wrong direction, find the nearest exit, and take the actions necessary to make an immediate U-turn.

Steppin' Out

I'm steppin' on out into the world of bloggin'. I'm excited to meet new folks and hopefully share interestin' stories. Hallelujers I'm here!